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Plan my Pathway

Explore Cardiff's growth sectors! These are the areas where the most job opportunities are growing in Cardiff over the next few years. So if you don’t want to move out of your area, or you can’t because of family commitments or money, these are some of the training or education pathways you might want to consider.

Each Sector will show you its top 5 most in demand jobs and a range of different learning pathways you can take to get in there.

Health and Social Care

Find your passion in providing vital health and social care services to support a range of people in need.

Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

Apply your creative and technical skills in a fast-paced industry to create innovative products for the world.


Conquer the digital sphere with high-tech skills for creating, implementing and operating new technologies across all industries.


Make your mark in an industry that operates at the intersection of art and science, developing communities and strengthening economies.

Creative, Media and Entertainment

Pursue your passion and dive into a world of creativity, from the big screen to preserving heritage - develop talents that make people say "wow".

Hospitality and Retail

Play your part in this diverse, customer-centric industry, preserving culture and national heritage and developing the local community.

Compound Semiconductor

Position yourself at the forefront of the next generation of semiconductor technologies, powering transport, clean energy and digital communications.


Learn the trade and apply your skills to the design, installation and maintenance process of essential products and services.

Financial and Professional Services

Craft a high-flying career in banking, insurance, property or wealth management in this fast-growing sector.